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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Generator Control Panel Removal

Written by : Posted on February 24, 2011 : Comments Off on Generator Control Panel Removal

Removed control panel for large gas generator, disconnected all circuits from generator panel, and rewired to existing panel. Removal of control panel and ouside disconnect only, actual unit removed by another company.

Before After

Chesapeake Property Flip

Written by : Posted on February 16, 2011 : Comments Off on Chesapeake Property Flip

Complete remodel.

Master Bath:

  • Install water tight recessed light over shower
  • Run wire to switch/light for Vanity
  • Run / install exhaust fan
  • Install one piece 36 stand up shower surround
  • Install tile on 45 cut

Hall Bath:

  • Replace  exhaust fan with new, relocate
  • Run / install GFI outlet off existing circuit
  • Run / install high hat (will need to cut out sheet rock, replace and install recessed lighting, same switch as fan)
  • Install 5′ tub -replace bottom of rotted 2x 4 and 1foot square piece of plywood
  • Replace plastic couplings X 2 in hall bath
  • Rework Valves in both bathrooms


  • Add 2 recessed and rework 3 existing
  • Fix receptacle lines not passing through top plate in removed soffit
  • Rewire microwave line / GFI counter outlets see

Master Closet:

  • Install light and light switch (exterior)


  • Bring Panel box to code
  • run new circuit and install light fixture in laundry area


  • Install new Sheetrock
  • Install 10 new interior doors
  • Install new exterior front door
  • replace 2 x 6 rotted garage trim
  • Painting Interior
Before After